Andrzej Przybielski - "Jazz is the art of my life"
He began performing on the cornet first playing traditional jazz. In mid 60s he became fascinated with jazz avant-garde. In 1968 he was a prize - winner of "Jazz over Odra River Festival" with a band called "Trio Gdansk" connected with "Żak Club" in Gdansk. In 1969 he performed at "Jazz Jamboree Festival" with "Modern Music Formation" with Andrzej Kurylewicz as a leader, he took part at "Pori Jazz Festival" in Finland, "Jazz Frankfurt" composer's workshop in Darmstadt. Between 1969-1972 he gave regular concerts at Wanda Warska's "Basement Club".
In 1972 he cooperated with "Session 72" at "Hybrydy Jazz Club" playing with Helmut Nadolski, W.Jagiełłó, A.Bieżan. He took part in Czesław Niemen's recording session for "Requiem for Van Gogh" and for Tomasz Stańko's "Peyotl".
In 1992 Przybielski collaborated in Dortmund with "Perplex" led by a double bass player H.Chastka with Stefan Holker (dr) and Mazzoll (cl,bcl). At the same time he worked with various artists in az group called "Andrzej Przybielski Association".
At present he works with some theatrical groups, amongst others with "The Witkacy Scene" in Zakopane and "Performae" from Zamość. With the latter Przybielski performed in Paris at "The World Theatre Days" in Avignon; he also collaborates with musicians representing so called "Yass Scene" i.e. "NRD" and "Trupy" and has recorded with "Mazzoll & Arhythmic Perfection" on their "rozmowy s catem" album and with "Maestro Trytony" on their latest release "Enoptronia".
Andrzej Przybielski is already a historical personage in Polish music. He is a hero of many stories (ussually very amusing) and most of all a trumpet player who has performad with so many musicians that one could find it extremely difficult to list them. Each stage of his creative life is accompanied by a series of rcordins (he has taken part in the recordin of more than 30 albums), however, he has not recorded any albums of his own so far.